09:45am, 09/23/17

The Derrell Day Show

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 “The Derrell Day Show” has been referred to as the Will Rogers of modern day talk shows. His common sense, average guy humor and insight has helped make him a favorite of those who want to know more about the issues facing the country. Derrell has owned small businesses and understands the plight of small business and their constant fight against bureaucracy and regulation. His simple analysis and “farmer sense” approach to complex issues hit home with his listeners.

Derrell comes from…and constantly refers back… to a time when decorum and integrity and just plain old good manners was the norm. He treats sensitive subjects with careful concern and clean commentary and his listeners have no problem allowing their children to listen to his program. He is a very well read, strict Constitutionalist and uses his show not only as entertainment and enlightenment…but as a tool to remind Americans who we are and where we came from. Email Derrell at talkback@radiodday.com
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