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The US Chamber of Commerce's big spending in campaigns/getting involved in politics on a local level
Josh Earnest tries to spin an answer to the question 'Is the border secure?"
Pastor JC "Chris" Hall is on to talk about his thoughts on the proper role of government
Rep Jeff Miller has removed his name from the Enlist Act
Burnie and guest Don Arias take callers who weigh in on the Enlist Act
Is it ok that the military is downsizing?
Cheryl Chumley, author of "Police State USA" is on the show.
An interview with author Jason L. Riley about his new book "Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed."
Interview with Rep Steve Southerland and the Enlist Act.
Bay County Supervisor of elections Mark Andersen is on the show founder Jeffery Tucker is on the program