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Derrell calls for an end to the gang violence in Panama City after another murder victim is found in the trunk of a car.
The confessed murderer of Allen Johnson is denied bond and access to a public defender
A top US Navy Admiral is in favor of giving Chinese tours of American Navy aircraft carriers.
A letter written to a hospice center from the US government proves that the “death panels” in Obamacare are for real.
A Boy Scout troop is held a gun point at the Canadian border
Derrell tries to help a friend figure out a legal way to go fishing and cannot seem to find out what kind of license he needs.
Audio from former border patrol agent, Zack Taylor.
Re-cap of the district 6 state representative Republican debate.
Interview with Phil Lucas, editor of the Bay Bullet.
Interview with Jim from Destin who recently returned from Texas border and gives us an update.
The state of Florida sanctions gambling in the form of the lottery but condemns poker rooms and dog tracks.
Interview with Jeannie DeAngelis, author at American Thinker
A New Jersey single mother of three is facing three years in jail for a legally owned weapon.
Israel is warning Hamas before they bomb them in order to keep civilian casualties to a minimum.
In California, you can get fined for watering too much and for having too brown of a lawn
Open line Friday calls from all over the listening area.
The Florida legislature is telling Washington D.C. that Florida is open to illegal immigration
Representative Trey Gowdy gives rousing speech on the House floor.