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What is the scariest and the creepiest movies you have ever seen? Has anyone seen the new ebola Czar?
Bay County is looking for new taxes to pay for road repair. Taxes of all kinds and different names and what they are used for.
President Obama weighs in on ebola quarantines in certain states. Update on the mayor in Houston subpoenaing sermons from churches in Houston.
A lady lost her bank account and restaurant to the IRS without being charged with a crime, A second state has had voter fraud reported with voting machines changing Republican votes to Democrat votes.
Lynn Haven city council passes ordinance allowing chickens in the city limit and approves a $5 per chicken annual fee. In Illinois a man is ordered to pay $30,000 dollars to repay welfare payed to a woman who claimed he was the father of her child despit
How old is too old to go trick or treating. Amendment 1 in Florida on the 2014 ballot is nothing more than a massive land grab.
Interview with Phil Lucas, editor of the Bay Bullet. Interview with mystery guest from Blackwater Inc.
Businesses suffer from too much regulation in America today. Interview with humor columnist, Ron Hart.
US government spent over $300,000 to study the effects of Swedish massage on rabbits
An Alabama high school football coach is under fire for baptizing players at school
Do you expect grand and glorious things to happen should the Repblicans win the Senate
Interview with humor columnist, Ron Hart.