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What kind of communion is provided in a satanic church?
Interview with humor columnist, Ron Hart.
Only 21 in 100 voters voted in Bay county despite having eight days to do so.
Interview with Amy Cooper with Faith At The Beach.
Burger King is moving its headquarters to Canada because of the high corporate tax rates in the U.S.
Derrell asks “who are you voting for today and why?”
Interview with Phil Lucas, editor of the Bay Bullet
What is a hate crime. Isn’t their hate in nearly every crime.
People opposed to voter i.d. are up to no good.
A white sheriff was shot and killed by an Hispanic man in south Texas and the killer’s name was removed in the edited versions of the story.
Early voting is almost over in Bay County, FL.
If we shut the water off at Tyndall Air Force Base and they leave, would it matter?
The violence in Ferguson, MO is coming to an end
The concept of early voting is ridiculous. We used to vote on election day and more people voted back then.
Derrell explains where each dollar of your money goes in taxes
Interview with Fred Zolich of the Work Force Fairness Institute.