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Equal Employment Opportunity Program



WILN-FM, WVVE-FM, WYYX-FM, WYOO-FM, WPCF-AM serves the Panama City and Bay County metro area and provide equal employment opportunities to all job applicants. Utilizing various community resources, these stations form a unit to draw qualified job applicants from all segments of our ethnically diverse community.


The following outlines the stations program of equal opportunity to fill all full-time job opportunities:


A list of recruitment sources and community organizations is used to generate applicants for every full-time job opening. This list includes local, state and national organizations assisting minorities and females. A review of this list is made with each new full-time employment listing and revised and updated as needed.

In the event of a full-time opening, these organizations will be contacted with information on said opening.

Dated copies of employment notices to recruitment sources and community organizations will be retained in stations’ files.

Stations, individually and collectively, will supplement this program with participation in community events conducive to reaching potential job applicants outside of the broadcast industry with a focus on events that attract women and minorities. All station sponsorship and participation will be documented.


Magic Broadcasting, II LLC will review the effectiveness of this program periodically and make adjustments to further the goal of offering equal employment opportunities to all applicants and to insure these applicants represent all communities within our service area.


Magic Broadcasting, II LLC actively promotes Equal Employment Opportunities for all, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or sex.

2013 Vacancy list 10/1/12-9/30/13

Master Recruitment Source List - 10/1/12-9/30/13

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