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Texas Gov. Rick Perry has pleaded "not guilty" on two felony charges that he abused his power, the San Antonio Express-News reports. He was indicted last Friday.

The governor has also waived his arraignment, which had been set for Friday.

Perry turned himself in Tuesday afternoon to be booked and have his mug shot taken at the Travis County Justice Center. In a news conference after his booking, he called the felony counts "baseless political charges."

U.S. officials say military planners are weighing the possibility of sending more American forces to Iraq mainly to provide additional security around Baghdad.

A senior U.S. official says the number of troops currently under discussion would be fewer than 300, but there has been no final decision yet by Pentagon leaders.

The talks come as American fighter jets and drones conducted nearly a dozen airstrikes in Iraq since Tuesday when Islamic State militants threatened to kill a second American captive in retribution for any continued attacks.

LINCOLN, Neb. — The ACLU of Nebraska says saying law enforcement agencies in the state have “grossly misused” Tasers several times, jolting an elderly, disabled Omaha man with dementia, a drunk man who was “staring down” a cop from a Grand Island hospital bed and a combative 10-year-old Kearney student.

The report  released Tuesday examined 11 police departments in 2013-2014, but was unable to include the state’s two largest police departments, the Omaha Police Department and the Lincoln Police Department, which refused to provide complete copies of their Taser policies or redacted police reports. The ACLU said it’s preparing a lawsuit to get the policies.

Via Reddit, the District of Columbia voter registration form. In our nation's capitol, you can register Democratic, Republican, Green Party, or Liberterian. Though this form is still the version available for download on the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles site, a spokesperson from the Board of Elections told DCist that the form is "outdated" and no longer distributed. 

Reddit commenters offer some additional fun with D.C. spelling: 

h/t @mattdramos

American fighter jets and drones conducted nearly a dozen airstrikes in Iraq since Tuesday, a U.S. official said, even as Islamic State militants threatened to kill a second American captive in retribution for any continued attacks.

The strikes came in the hours after militants released a gruesome video Tuesday showing U.S. journalist James Foley being beheaded. 

ORLANDO, Fla. — A bullet from the gun of an Orlando police officer killed an innocent woman in a downtown bar early Tuesday morning, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said. The shooting happened at the Vixen bar at Pine Street and Orange Avenue. 

Mina said Maria Godinez, 22, was inside the club when she was struck and killed by a bullet from the gun of Officer Eduardo Sanguino. "The preliminary indication is that during this situation a bullet was discharged from Officer Eduardo Sanguino's firearm and fatally struck Maria inside the establishment," Mina said.

Officers said that a little before 1 a.m. Tuesday, they received a call that an armed man was in the downtown area making threats.

The attorney general of Afghanistan on Wednesday ordered the expulsion of an American correspondent for The New York Times, Matthew Rosenberg, and banned him from re-entering the country.

The action, the first public expulsion of a Western journalist since the Taliban regime, came less than a day after the office of the attorney general, Mohammad Ishaq Aloko, issued an order prohibiting Mr. Rosenberg from leaving the country while he was under investigation.

In a blow to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's move to withdraw his state from Common Core education standards, a state judge on Tuesday blocked Jindal's plan to scrap a key set of standardized tests due to be introduced in the coming school year.

Jindal's push to ditch Common Core, announced in June and given teeth by his orders to scrap the multistate tests, came amid a backlash against the English and math standards aimed at boosting critical-thinking skills and unifying state guidelines.

Judge Todd Hernandez, in issuing a preliminary injunction against the governor in a lawsuit filed by Common Core backers that is awaiting trial, said plans to drop the tests, slated to serve as a must-pass benchmark for fourth-graders, had sowed uncertainty.

Twitter has been "actively suspending accounts" that share graphic content related to the purported beheading of journalist James Foley by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

On Wednesday morning, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo tweeted, "We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery," along with a link from The New York Times about the video. 

Some on Twitter reacted to Costolo with praise and thanks, but the announcement also drew criticism: 

As tension in Ferguson, Missouri shows no sign of dissipating after over a week of clashes between authorities and protesters, another black man in the St. Louis area has been killed by police.

St. Louis police said today that a 23-year-old man wielding a knife was shot and killed by two officers responding to calls about a convenience store robbery. The man had stolen energy drinks and pastry from the convenience store and was pacing around in front of the store when officers arrived, according to police and witnesses.

When confronted with police, the man reportedly told officers to "shoot me now, kill me now" repeatedly.