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Derrell Day on Demand

by Talk Radio 101 posted Aug 15 2016 5:01AM
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08/28/2015 3:02PM
Derrell Day on Demand
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08/27/2016 6:22PM
State Politics
Derrell, Could you tell your listening audience exactly the records of Mary Thomas and Neal Dunn? I can't find anything on the internet or tv or radio that I believe!
02/03/2017 11:24PM
If I heard you correctly today you threatened the unarmed liberal populus with gun violence from the law abiding conservative population. That sounds crazy.
06/08/2017 8:49PM
D Day is a FRAUD !
WHAT A FRAUD ! EVERYONE knows 911 was an INSIDE Job from Bush, Cheney, the Saudis and Israel!
09/22/2017 7:38AM
What koolaid are you drinking
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